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Production of prescription spectacles and sunglasses

Officine Occhiali - Vecchia occhialeria

, based in Matera created the Officine Occhiali brand in order to manufacture and produce our own line of spectacles and sunglasses. Our company creates our own line of spectacles directly in store, located within the company in via Vincenzo Alvino, making use of a knowledgeable staff and the latest equipment.

Thanks to modern technologies and the ability to predict and analyse the most current fashion trends, at Officine Occhiali we are able to produce customised eyewear, both prescription spectacles and sunglasses, with all types of lenses, such as ophthalmic, multifocal, graduate and non-reflective.


Historical photos

All of the stylistic and technical elaboration of the Vecchia Occhialeria Italia revolve around a single fundamental concept:"stylish spectacles for every discerning client".
In other words, we guarantee a range of products able to meet any of our customers's requirements.
At VOI, we continuously make selections based on our products and materials, as well as the visual story to which they refer.
Cinema, mainstream newspapers, various photographic collections, the great historical records constitute an interesting cognitive and cultural heritage, which constitute the foundation of development and finding an identity for every member of our modern audience.


Designed and developed as extremely characterised, the eyewear produced by Vecchia Occhialeria Italia aims to find its own space in the world of fashion trends.
All of the VOI brand eyewear, is the result of a careful analysis of trends and styles. Eyewear production takes place after a careful phase of research and development of lines and materials; in the case of the "plastic line" it seems opportune to point out that we use cellulose acetate sheets.
The "mix" we offer is extremely attractive and outgoing, such to make our production easily distinguishable, both for the models and colours, as well as the ability to adapt to sought-after market niches.


VOI's strength is our ability to rely on a team of experts who are extremely attentive to technological research which ensures the manufacture of a product which is increasingly comfortable and respectful of the current regulations regarding health protection.


The emphasis on quality, firstly relating to the materials used and finally the end product, means that the entire production cycle is subjected to close surveillance by specialised personnel. The quality control of all the processing steps, ensures that the eyewear we introduce onto the market is high-quality, able to act as a reliable working tool for even the most demanding optician.

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