Officine Occhiali by Vecchia Occhialeria srl

The main feature of the Vecchia Occhialeria Italia is the machining centre with CMS numerical controls, the crown-jewel of our Matera-based company. At our company laboratory, a team of experts is able to ensure the production of comfortable and quality eyewear, thanks to the materials used and the constant vigilant controls carried out throughout the production process. This level of quality control ensures that customised and finely produced eyewear make it onto the market.


Our VOI factory is located in Matera, in the "La Martella" industrial area. The installation of equipment and machinery within our factory, which is described below, guarantees a monthly output of 5,000 pieces/month (acetate frames).
The entire production cycle activated within VOI is characterised by the most modern equipment, guided and controlled by a group of highly referenced experts, boasting extensive and profound know-how of the industry and production processes.
The concepts of order and strength also persist in the process which is carried out on the initial material before becoming "VOI" branded eyewear.


Production of eyewear
  • quality of materials;
  • design;
  • quality/price ratio;
  • the function of use;
  • the type of customer;
  • the differentiation with competing products;

These are all elements designed to characterise Vecchia Occhialeria Italia's production.
There is a fundamental concept which differentiates the trade policies adopted by Vecchia Occhialeria Italia; "Sell ​​In Sell Out", that is to provide comprehensive assistance and support to the reseller, not only during the selection of products, but also in the more delicate and important phase of sales to the public.
Vecchia Occhialeria Italia ensure customer services that above all aim to: Highlight the product through methods which take into account the exhibition space requirements; a good product merchandising strategy.

  1. helping retail distribution in the presentation of the product range to stores;
  2. simplifying the work of opticians and staff;
  3. shortening sales times.

Processing requests received from the public and of which the same optician is the spokesman.

Direct and constant assistance regarding any frames replacements and/or parts thereof.

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