V.O.I. spectacles

The line of V.O.I. spectacles has been designed specifically for those who want a touch of class, with models for both men and women. The line, featuring classic design and a stylish approach, is ideal for anyone who wants to wear lightweight, minimal spectacles, which do not weigh on the face, instead giving the wearer a touch of elegance.

Discover all of our models available in the shop in Via Vincenzo Alvino in Matera: our entire staff will welcome you!

Spectacles are certainly an important element for children. For this reason the Vecchia Occhialeria Italia Matera, has also considered children's needs, by creating a dedicated line.

Designed and manufactured with special lines and materials, these spectacles for children are characterised by the layout of the lively, engaging and fun frames, thanks to their bright colours, making them very witty ... and not to be taken too seriously!

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